A symbiosis of organic and synthetic materials. 

A defining part of the project has been the investigation towards material activism and the growth and use of biomaterials. 


Focusing on materials, that are created from natural ingredients or grown and processed over time, speaks to the idea and possibility of creating a living creature as a physical space. 

In addition we wanted to reflect the increasing development of how modern technology interfers with nature and biological limitations, e.g. post humanism and the anthropocene. 

This allowing the use of pre-fabricated and synthetic materials. 


As a result, the installation reflects on the symbiosis between organic and synthetic cultures, and how the separation of self and other are increasingly blurred. 


Working with bioplastics came to mind in wanting to create a receptive and living surface for the installation. 

A texture, with similar qualities and sensitivities as to our own skin, but yet foreign.

Through the process different recipes on bioplastic was tested and considered in regards to functionality, aesthetic and feel.