In developing the sound of Creature, we were inspired by bodily functions and the audio they generate. A specialmade microphone was designed from using a stethoscope, to record our own inner bodies. The heart, lungs, abdomen and joints have been sources of inspiration for the final sound design of Creature. 


Furthermore, we wanted to give the experience that the sounds originates from the Creature itself and not from a speaker system. To achieve this, we make use of contact speakers, turning the physical structure of the installation into the actual speaker membrane.

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To make the installation interactive and responsive to the visitor, we realized from an early stage that we needed a technical platform that could be sewn to our purposes instead of one that we had to fit our project into. We landed on using Arduino in collaboration with Ableton Live, mainly due to its customizable set-up and easy-to-learn technical properties. We used it to build a sensor-based set-up that can change and adapt to the visitor’s movement and placement within the installation. This set-up gives the installation a changeability in ways that resemble the meeting with another living being.

play to listen to a soundscape of Creature